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Should Your Company Drug Test?

Drug abuse is a massive problem in the Western world, especially in countries like the United States. This means that many private employers are investigating whether they should introduce mandatory drug testing and screening for existing workers and applicants. Drug testing in the workplace is nothing new. It’s been something that federal agencies, including the Department of Transport, have implemented for some time. But private companies are also beginning to realize that there are distinct benefits to testing, many of which can help them to save money in the long term. Why Drug Test? In most cases, whether or not to test for drugs is a decision that is often left to employers. In some safety-sensitive industries, like transport and logistics, as well as federal agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Highway Administration, drug testing is mandatory. But other than that, employers generally have free rein as to whether they want to implement a screening policy or not. Even though drug testing isn’t a requirement, many employers ultimately decide that they do want some kind of screening procedure in place. The biggest reason for this is to avoid legal liability. In some cases, an employer might be held legally liable if an employee under the influence of drugs causes injury to themselves or others at work. Drug and alcohol use at work may also violate health and...

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Mandatory Drug Test for all Welfare Recipients in 14 Sates & Canada

 John Trudel, originally published on The Huffington Post More and more we are seeing both in Canada & the US that drug tests are becoming mandatory for residents on welfare. Some governments are saying that if welfare applicants or recipients refuse to take the drug test, they will be denied welfare. In the Province of Ontario, Canada, with over 460,000 people on welfare, the Progressive Conservative Ontario government wants to require people on welfare to take a drug test to see if they’re on the influence, something no other government in Canada does and refusal to do so would lead in immediate suspension of welfare. There has been much debate about this since the opposition challenging this idea says it violates basic human rights. The CBC reports that: The Human Rights Commission sent a letter to the government last year warning that denying welfare benefits to drug addicts is illegal. Source However, Minister John Baird indicated that the government’s plan is not meant to penalize people. To borrow his words: “It’s tough to get a job and hold a job if you’re addicted to drugs. These people are in desperate need of help and if we can turn just one life around, we’ve met with success,”Source In North Carolina, USA, one of 14 states including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah have...

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